Dog Clippers for the Professional Groomer

By on March 16, 2017

Are you looking for a great clipper with the power, durability and reputation as the best of the best dog clippers for the professional groomer? Even if, especially if, you are not a professional groomer but you want to save money, have fun and groom your own dog, what is the best clipper you can get for any type of dog with any type of coat?

The best choice is the Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper with Detachable 000 & 1 Size Blades. Let us tell you why. Powerful, fast and efficient, this is the choice of both professional groomers and show dog groomers. It runs about $109 and change.

There are several factors involved in choosing the right grooming tool for dogs and this is even more important if you are a professional groomer, aspire to be a professional groomer or groom your own show dogs. Depending upon the breed you are grooming your tools may vary and most professionals have several types of grooming clippers for dogs.

However most professionals have a “go to” clipper and we recommend you choose the Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper with Detachable Blades. This clipper set is the workhorse of the Oster line. As all dog grooming clippers are evaluated by their features and benefits, let’s take a look at these for the Classic 76. There are certain categories of features that all clippers have and these are what we will use to judge the Classic as well.

Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper Review

The features we are evaluating include:

  • Speed: Single or double
  • Noise
  • User-friendly
  • Corded or cordless
  • Durability
  • Maintenance required
  • Price
  • Other


This powerful clipper is a favorite of professional dog groomers and show dog groomers, but it is used by many barbers and stylists on human hair as well. The Oster 76 Classic has been around awhile and you might think with new technology that it would be outdated. This is simply not true. The Classic 76 is an “oldie but goody. Here’s why:

New Improved Motor

The new improved motor runs a lot cooler than the old one. This has produced a quiet, smooth operation as opposed to the loud older motor that would heat up in your hands after hours of use. Since the professional groomer and show groomer are often working with one dog after another, the quiet and cool operation is greatly appreciated. The quiet operation is also very beneficial when working with jumpy or noise sensitive dogs. The cut is efficient and easy no matter the state of the fur, wet or dry, long, tangles or short. It cuts evenly and consistently.

Single Speed

Most people think a duel speed clipper is more beneficial, but for the professional groomer a high power single speed clipper can cut through any dog’s fur. This heavy duty clipper has exceptional power and control. The single speed powerful clipper is made for working all day long, dog after dog regardless of fur type or condition. The single speed allows the professional groomer to go through any length or thickness of fur with ease. This motor is able to run at speeds higher than other clipper motors.

Break Resistant Housing

These clippers have a housing that is made of a light weight plastic resin that is super strong. Durability both on the daily basis and over the years. This is the workhorse of all professional grooming clippers. It is renowned for its lasting ability through dog after dog, year after year.

Sharp Detachable Metal Blades

Very easy to get and use just the right blade for the cut you want.  These heavy duty blades are made to last and to provide hours of uninterrupted use. The slope of the blade is designed to allow for just the right angles for trimming and tapering. The blades are cryogenically treated to aligned the molecules perfectly and increase the hardness and strength of the blades edge. The sharpness of the blade impacts the efficiency of the grooming.

The interchangeable blade system means you need no tools like screwdrivers to change the blades and you can do so easily and very quickly. Blade changing won’t slow you down. There are 13 possible sizes in this system.

Blade Guards, Oil and Brushes

Keeps the blades in excellent condition and the motor as well. Ease of maintenance means you can keep using the Classic 76 with only a short break to clean and oil it. The brushes are good for over 200 hours of use. Blade guards ensure that the blade movement will be positive.

9 Foot Cord

Constant power from main source and 9 foot heavy duty cord does not get tangles up.

Iconic Good Looks

Looks good in your shop, gives you confidence and pride.

Among Amazon customers, the average review rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Out of over 1100 reviews, 79% gave the Oster Classic 76 a 5 star rating. 10% were at 4stars, with 4% giving it only 3 stars. Two percent of the reviewers gave the Classic 76 a 2 rating and four percent gave it a 1 rating. Many of the customers giving 5 star ratings had come to the Oster Classic 76 after years of using other brands and other products. Most of them stated they would never go back.

The classic looks and superior productivity of the Classic 76 are hallmarks of the Oster brand. Being made in the United States is also a plus for the brand which was started in the 1920’s. The company made the first grooming clipper and they are still one of the leading brands.

The flag-ship model for the company is the Classic 76. It is an icon that has not been changed since its inception with the exception of the technological improvements to the blades, casing and motor.

There are several different models of the Classic 76 on the market because this is their flagship model and they still make older versions in different colors. Because of this you need to be sure you are buying the newest model – usually the most expensive Classic 76 model is the newest one.

Also note that this clipper in all its versions runs on 110 power and would need a converter to run on European 220 amp. This is however a small price to pay for the best professional dog grooming clipper on the market today.