Sneaky Hack To Get Your Dogs To Pose Perfectly For Pictures

By on December 8, 2015
Dog photo hacks

According to a Biologist on Reddit with the username 99trumpets, you can actually get your dog to look at you in a way that will give a great pose for the camera.

This is perfect when you’re trying to get your dog to look at you when sitting in a bed of flowers, or when they’ve got on the most adorable sweater and you want to show it off to your friends. (We’ve found some really adorable sweaters on Amazon).

I mean, look how cute the puppy in our featured image is. Don’t you wish you can do that?

Well you can!

Our little trick will help you create those super adorable pictures for Facebook, Instagram, and wherever else you like to show off your canine.

So what’s the trick?

Pretty simply actually – it only involves a sound. But the reason why it works is the really interesting part.

Sure, you could say Fido’s name over and over, or maybe shake a toy at them, but that doesn’t always return results. However, science tells us that you can make a certain sound and it will get their heads tilting almost every time.

The sound – a long, high pitched, squealing sound. This simple sound will tilt their head in a really cute manner.

Why does this work?

Because science!


According to biology, this is instinctive for your dogs.

Head tilting allows an animal to gain information about the vertical placement of the sound (how far up/down it is, relative to the axis of the skull). It is assumed that [animals] do head-tilting to try to localize a sound better. This is backed up by the fact that [animals] do a lot of head-tilting when hunting small prey that are hidden behind grass or snow.

There you have it! So now you can use their instincts to create those pictures that are PERFECT for holiday cards.

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If you try this out, please feel free to share your results with us on Facebook. We’d love to see your pup!

h/t – reddit

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