9 Unique Ways to Lay Your Dog to Rest

By on July 13, 2015
Unique Ways To Lay Your Dog To Rest

Losing a dog to death can be one of the most emotional experiences that a person has to face. The toll can be even greater if you have to make the decision whether or not to euthanize your pet. Because this is something that people do not wish to think about, decisions on how to lay your dog to rest are often avoided until the animal has already passed on. Needless to say, it is never a good idea to make such decisions when under emotional or financial stress. Planning ahead for your dog’s passing is always the best plan. Here are a few ideas for how to lay your dog to rest.

1- Send Them To Space

Send your dog into space

Illustration 1: http://www.celestispets.com

Celestis Pets is the world’s first memorial spaceflight company that will honor your pet by sending it on an unforgettable launch into Outer Space. Celestis pets is a new service from that team that introduced the world to memorial spaceflights in 1995.Celestis,Inc. has conducted twelve memorial spaceflights, launching human cremated remains to space, Earth orbit, and even to the Moon!


2 – Cremation

Cremating your dog

Illustration 2: http://www.faithfulcompanion.com/

If you choose to cremate your dog, your vet is probably the best person to advise you on a place to do so in your area. Faithful Companion has several locations in the United States where cremation is possible. Here are a few things that Off Beat Home feels you should be aware of before choosing cremation:

  • If it’s important to you, ask about individual cremation. It will cost more, but you will know you’re getting back your pet, not a mixture of animals.
  • Consider what you will do with the ashes. If you’re not the type to hang on to ashes, you might sprinkle them in a favorite park, outside a window your cat enjoyed, or over a new planting in your pet’s honor.
  • If you want to keep the ashes, there are many urns available — even in the form of wearable lockets.

3- Bury Your Dog

Burying your dog

Illustration 3: http://naturallysavvy.com

When it comes to sending a favorite furry friend off into the grand beyond, cremation is the most common practice, but a natural home burial is also commonplace – for those with yards.If this is the option that works for you, you may want to check in with any local ordinances that may prohibit this if you plan on interring anything larger than a hamster, canary or goldfish. To guard against any possible diseases always use extreme caution when handling animal remains whether or not your pet had been ill. Use universal precautions to reduce exposure to disease, ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas. (Naturally Savvy)

4 – Taxidermy

Illustration 4: http://www.xtremetaxidermy.com

According to Ravishing Beasts, “Because our relationships with our animal companions are so intimate, it is all the more unsettling when a bereft owner decides to have a deceased pet stuffed. Some might argue that the desire to stuff a pet reveals a heartfelt attachment that surpasses the typical human-animal relationship. On the other hand, retaining and re-animating the body of a beloved pet would seem to elevate the owner’s emotions over any respect due to the animal. Are stuffed pets surrounded by an eerie aura of control and ownership? Or is this a rare example of science coming to the aid of our emotional world?” Either way, you may choose taxidermy as a way to lay your dog to rest.

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5 – Freeze Dried

Taxidermy for your pet

Illustration 5: http://www.xtremetaxidermy.com

If you feel that freeze drying is the way to go for your dog, Xtreme Taxidermy offers the following:


When your pet has passed, you should put the animal in a plastic bag and freeze immediately. If you do not have the means to do this, please contact your Veterinarian to make arrangements.

The pet will need to be shipped frozen, overnight.

Please call them to make shipping arrangements with UPS or FedEx. Once the pet has been received and the desired pose has been decided upon, the pet is put into the freeze chamber for processing.

Small pets may take up to 2 months, large pets, 6 months.

6 – Jewelry
Turn your pet into jewelry

As LifeGem explains, “You have had someone truly special in your life and mere words simply will not do. Your very own LifeGem diamond(s) can be created from the carbon in cremation ashes, a lock of hair, or both. Of course, not only do we turn ashes into diamonds and hair into diamonds, we also have a full line of cremation jewelry, rings, and pendants to accent your beautiful LifeGem cremation diamond.”

7 – Tattoos

Remember your dog with a tattoo

Illustration 7: http://www.henrileriche.com

According to this article, you can have the ashes of your dog made into ink which can be used to tattoo an image of the dog into your skin. The ink is sterilized and then a small portion is added to the tattoo ink. You may also choose to have an exact paw print tattooed onto your body as well.

8 – Bullets

You can turn your dog into a bullet

Illustration 8: http://www.myholysmoke.com

Your dog’s ashes can be made into bullets or live ammunition. As Holy Smokes shares, “Once the caliber, gauge and other ammunition parameters have been selected, we will ask you (by way of your funeral service provider) to send approximately one pound of the decedents ash to us. Upon receiving the ashes our professional and reverent staff will place a measured portion of ash into each shotshell or cartridge. (Please note that our process uses only a portion of the ash from a typical cremation.)”

9 – Mummification

Mummify your dog

Illustration 9: http://observatoryroom.org



As Off Beat Home explains, “The Observatory is a store in Brooklyn which offers mummification classes using actual animals. They say nothing about pets, but I have to wonder if you might be able to take the class and preserve your dearly departed. On one hand, I’d have to cut open someone I loved, but on the other… that would be a pretty amazing way to remember a pet.”