The Top 10 Dog Friendly Cities in America That Your Dog Wants To Visit

By on July 12, 2015
10 Cities To Visit That Are Dog Friendly

According to the American Humane Society, there were at least 164 million families in the Unites States who had pets as of 2012. That number has increased a great deal since then. For most of these homes, the pets are considered to be members of the family, and thus many decisions made by these families are made with pets in mind. When you own a dog, it is important to live in an area where dogs are not only accepted, but welcomed. So where are the mostly dog-friendly cities in America? Let’s take a look.

#10 Austin, Texas

Austin TX Dog Friendly City

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Temperate weather means outdoor dining all year long at Austin’s many dog-friendly restaurants. There’s also Bow-Wow Bones, a mobile food truck for dogs, where your foodie Fido can browse the menu and choose his favorite treat. After lunch, wait 30 minutes then go for a swim at Red Bud Isle, a popular dogs-only swimming spot, according to Rover.

#9 Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon is a Dog Friendly city in the United States

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The Rose City falls over itself to spoil its dogs. With 33 dog parks, Portland has the most per capita of any large city in the United States. It also boasts 19 pet massage therapists, its own social network for dog lovers, and it’s one of‘s Top 20 Cities. The average household spends $32.38 per month on pets, which may include items off the Doggie Menu at Tin Shed Garden Café, the Kibbles-N-Bits breakfast at Lucky Labrador Brew Pub, or the Truffle Dog Training Seminar down the road in Eugene, Oregon, according to Estately.

#8 San Diego, California

Sand Diego is perfect for dogs

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You and your pooch will love San Diego not just for its great weather, but also because it has plenty of pet-friendly accommodations. Go shopping with your canine, play at the park, walk the hiking trails or head to the beach. There are 16 off-leash dog parks where man’s best friend can stretch his legs, play and run around. Lighthouse Ice Cream & Yogurt even offers Frosty Paws–a sugar-free, soy-based ice cream for your dog, according to Forbes.

#7 Seattle, Washington

Dogs are welcome in Seattle Washington

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What Seattle lacks in sunny days it more than makes up for with a local culture committed to happy, active dogs. In recent years, Seattle’s dog population has grown rapidly, and even surpassed the number of children living in the city limits.

Unlike in many other cities, dogs are welcome on Seattle’s bus lines, ferries, light rail, and even local seaplanes. Unfortunately, local internet traffic is probably slowed by the many dog-themed Tumblr accounts, Facebook pages, and blogs, such as You Did What WIth Your Wiener? (Estately)

#6 Boulder, Colorado

happy dogs in colorado

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Boulder is surrounded by miles of hiking trails where you and your dog can explore the Rocky Mountain foothills together. Boulder also boasts a long list of dog-friendly patios where you can enjoy a local brew while your dog guzzles down a bowl of fresh mountain water. (Rover)

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#5 Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a great city for dogs

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Have some fun in the sun by taking a walk to one of the three dog-friendly beaches in Chicago. You can take off your dog’s leash at Montrose Dog beach and splash around in the water–or choose one of the 18 off-leash dog parks. Get out of your apartment and check out one of Chicago’s biggest attractions with Fido: Navy Pier. Dogs are welcome in the outdoor common areas and some merchants and tours permit dogs to join their humans. (Forbes)

#4 Charleston, South Carolina

Dogs are welcome in South Caronlia

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Dog Fancy recently named Charleston “the Southeast’s best city for dogs,” and it’s easy to see why. Charleston’s southern charm, history, and beautiful beaches are all accessible to dogs. You can even relax with your pooch at Yappy Hour at the park. (Rover)

#3 San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a fun place for canines

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San Francisco has the third most dog parks of any city in the U.S. with 27, and Walk Score has it ranked second nationally for walkability. Dogs are even allowed on trolley cars, which makes for a cute photo, but only if your dog enjoys waiting in line for an hour to go up a hill. For something more fun, The Stray Bar provides a dog-friendly watering hole that doles out free popcorn, something dogs love. (Estately)

#2 Orlando, Florida

Dogs in Orlando have a great time

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You and your pooch can travel to seven different off-leash dog parks to enjoy the fresh air and exercise in Orlando. There are also nine veterinary clinics, 13 pet stores and nine grooming facilities, ensuring that your pup looks and feels happy and healthy. Hit the trails with Fido or go camping at Turkey Lake Park. You both can hike, play games or visit the butterfly garden. At the Downtown Orlando Farmers Market, you can shop for farm-fresh produce, listen to live music and enjoy a drink in the beer and wine garden. Don’t leave without purchasing something for man’s best friend–vendors sell homemade pet treats, supplies, clothing and travel accessories. (Forbes)

#1 Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is the top place for dogs

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Nashville’s famous Centennial Park houses an off-leash area and a replica of the Greek Parthenon, so you and your dog can burn off steam and take in culture all in one place. Centennial Park also hosts dog-friendly music, movie, and art events throughout the year. We’re not saying you should move to the city for one park, but, well, it’s a pretty swell park! (Rover)

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