The Best Grooming Clippers for Dogs With Wire Hair Coats

By on March 15, 2017

Do you have a wire haired dog that you want to groom yourself but you are unsure of what tools you need? Wire hair dogs such as terriers, daschunds, and griffons have an unusual grooming need. The wire hair dog has what is known as a broken coat. These are rough feeling coats that are coarse and only a few inches long.

The best tool for the majority of the coat is a stripper type clipper. You also need a clipper and blade that is small and gentle enough for precise facial work and edging. The best clipper for these dogs is the A-5 Oster Golden 2 Speed Clipper for about $100 – $107.

Oster Golden A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper Review

As all dog grooming clippers are evaluated by their features and benefits, let’s take a look at these for the Switchblade. There are certain categories of features that all clippers have and these are what we will use to judge the Golden as well. Also with the wire hair breeds it is important to have the right blade for trimming your dog’s face. This is a 1.5mm blade.

It is also important to note that if you plan to show your wire hair dog you probably will not clip it but rather you will hand strip it. However in the world of pets most people in the United States clip and scissor their wire haired dogs. The A-5 Oster Golden 2 Speed Clipper is the best choice for this process. Only the dog’s legs and part of the face are scissored.

Most wire haired dogs are double coated but not in the same way as the sheppards, the huskies and many of the working dog breeds from the cold north. The wire hairs have a soft undercoat that does the same function to insulate the dog and a harsh outer coat. The outer coat should be course and firm to the touch like wire.


As the hairs in the top coat die they must be clipped or stripped. The A-5 Oster Golden 2 Speed Clipper will do the job exceptionally well. Here’s why:

Motor/2 Speed Versatility

The powerful Oster 2 Speed Golden A5 Is great for wire hair dogs because of its speed, power and versatility. This clipper is fast and cool. It won’t take long to complete the job with this clipper. Use the lower speed for the precise grooming needed around the face, legs and delicate areas. Then use the high speed for full body grooming. Both speeds provide the same power from the Universal motor. The Golden A5 produces more than 2700 strokes per minute (spm).

The Universal Motor is patented and the blades move against the combs with power and precision no other brand has. The high speed is 2700 SPM (strokes per minute) and the low speed is 2100 SPM.

Fairly Quiet

The quiet operation of this powerful clipper is great not only for your ears but especially for the nervous or frightened dog that you need to groom. This is especially true when trimming sensitive areas like around the face.

Ergonomic Design/Cool Running Engine

The Oster 2 Speed Golden A5 is comfortable in your hand, easy to use and runs very cool in the lower speed.

Ease of use – comfortable in your hand – not heavy – runs cool. This allows you to do anything from full body groom to precise spot grooming. Though when looking at the pictures the casing appears to a solid metal it is actually an unbreakable plastic.

The blade unit is simple to remove with just pressing the button and flipping down the blade.

Maintenance is Minimal

You do need to oil the unit and change the blades and drive heads but there is nothing else to do as there is little if any breakdown. Just remove the blade after use and liberally oil it.


This is one of the longest lasting, most durable clippers on the market. You won’t have to worry about the housing breaking as it is virtually break proof. If you do the minimal maintenance the Oster 2 speed will outlast any other clipper in the industry. It is double insulated and UL approved.

Price $100 – $107

Might be a little high priced but it is worth it.

Detachable Blade System – The Oster T.D.Q. Blades

Increases versatility and offers a quick way to change them. This unit is compatible with Oster Take-Down-Quick (T.D.Q.) wide blades which offer even more versatility. The blades are precision ground and offer extreme cutting accuracy and durability.

Oster’s Cryotech blades are manufactured in such a way that they don’t need to sharpened as often. This also enhances the hardening process and improves the life span of the blades.

Customer Rankings

The A-5 Oster Golden 2 Speed Clipper ranks 4.2 out of 5 stars. 66% of all customers gave this product a 5 star rating with 16% giving it a 4. Some customers were so impressed they were willing to give it a 10! Many buyers had tried cheaper models and brands in the past and had less than positive experiences with wire haired dogs. Some used clippers that tugged on their dog’s fur, hurting them and making grooming a very unpleasant experience before they bought the A-5 Oster Golden 2 Speed Clipper.  All in all customers have been exceptionally pleased with this clipper.


As previously stated most owners of wire haired dogs in the United States groom them with clippers while Europe and Australia hand strip them. If you are going to use clippers you need one that allows you to both move easily through the tough outer coat and softer undercoat. You also need a clipper that will do a great trim job around the face, legs and sensitive areas. The Oster A-5 Golden 2 Speed Clipper will do just that, using the top speed for the major full body groom and the slower speed for the face, legs and other.